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The silent cutterblock

unique for new FELDER, FORMAT-4 and HAMMER planers, thicknessers and planer/thicknessers

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Half the noise emission!
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Strength lies in serenity

BM-Test: Silent-Power cutterblock from Felder

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The new Silent-POWER® spiral knife cutterblock, all of the key advantages at a glance:

Leise.pngIncredibly quiet -
For the sake of your health and employees!
The Silent-POWER® audible cutterblock reduces noise levels by 50 % (10 db A) when compared with conventional systems.

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Schneidfasen.pngFour-sided blades -
more “cutterblock” for the same price in one piece!
Each tungsten carbide cutter (in the Silent-POWER® cutterblock) has four cutting edges. Quick change of the cutter with a simple single “turn”.

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Standzeit.pngUsable blade life twenty times longer than standard blades -
saves money!
Tungsten carbide cutters in the Silent-POWER® cutterblock ensure a usable life up to twenty times that of standard HSS baldes..

Ausrissfrei.png Tear free planing results -
Real spiral knife technology!
Continuous pulling cut achieved through the positioning of the cutters with optimised cutting angle in the Silent-POWER® spiral cutterblock

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Spanraum.pngLarger chip space -
smallest chipping volumes!
The chipping flow optimised chip clearance of the Silent-POWER® cutterblock and the “short” cutting bevel guarantee the best possible transport of the chippings and the lowest bag volumes.

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Strom-sparen.pngReduced power consumption -
save power costs!
Regardless of the planing width, the Silent-POWER® cutterblocks require significantly less power consumption when compared with similar systems.

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